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About a year ago I was having problems with my lower back and legs, caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal. Affecting the L4&5 spinal vertebras, causing the nerves specifically the sciatic nerve, to be pinched, causing at times various levels pain and disability in my legs and lower back. I was prescribed several medications ranging from morphine, codeine, and many other pharmaceuticals to little success. I was introduced to the Scalar Wave Laser, in October 2009. Since then I have been able to eliminate the need for these pharmaceuticals. The Scalar Wave Laser has reduced my discomfort; I have a greater range of motion, greater physical peace, and the ability for better rest, to a better way of life. Thank you Paul & Lillie.
- Peter & Bambi

I did the laser on my kneecap as I had injured it, and my knee has stopped clicking and I have no pain now.
- Stan F.

I was recently in a horse riding incident where my shoulder muscles suffered severe strain. I felt like I had been in a car accident. I am new to the laser so with skepticism I tried using it on my sore shoulders. The next morning I woke up completely pain free. I am no longer a skeptic.
- Lynne B.

I like to sit with my feet under me, but it causes severe pain in my knee. I grabbed the Scalar Wave and used the Rejuv and sooth program for 12 minutes each. The pain left and did not come back for nearly 4 months. I now use it on a more regular basis just to keep the pain away.
- Shirley R.

The second time I was exposed to the laser I had a wonderful result with hip pain that I had in my right hip for over three years. It felt great to finally be free of this pain, as it had affected my sleep, my endurance, my mood, and my overall well being. I continue to use the laser for my family and myself, and also in my practice. One of the things I really like about this laser is the transportability. I throw it in my purse like a cell phone, and use it and share it wherever I go. I did a 60-mile walk with 150 other women this summer-I carried my laser with me and used it all along the way. I credit the laser for my being able to finish the walk in a healthier state than I would have without it.
- Dianne P.

I have a friend who tried the laser while visiting us. He had an old sports injury that had caused him pain daily for 20 years. After about 1 hour on the laser he has been pain free.
- Barbara F.

I came to the seminar, with a sinus headache. While using laser on unwind, my sinuses started to drain, and forehead of pain decreased.
- Sharon K.

I am ever so pleased that my friend invited me to experience the Scalar Wave Laser. After two short sessions my sciatica is almost pain free and my foot has stopped "burning." Thank you so much.
- Sherry M.

My niece's partner complains of neck pain, and has been suffering from this for a long time. He didn't believe in alternative methods, and thought they were "rubbish" He tried the laser, and the pain was gone. His pain hasn't returned, and it's been two month. Now he believes.
- Helen S.

As a practitioner I see a variety of client issues. Some resolve or diminish over time, but others are much faster. My next-door neighbor hurt herself falling off a jumping horse. For two weeks she resisted her husband's suggestions that she try the laser since it had helped alleviate his own back pain. Finally I convinced her to come over and she could not believe that after 1 session her pain was completely gone and never came back!
- Libbie H.

While caring for my beautiful mother in the last months of her life, I developed a heel spur. I suffered with this terribly painful condition for 5 long months. Shortly after receiving my laser in November '09, it took only 3 sessions on the heel area and the condition has totally disappeared! My experience with the laser continues to be a journey towards rejuvenation and regeneration that has me very excited! The Scalar Wave Laser is an empowering tool that allows the body to "unwind," delete stress, receive energy for repair and to reach the blissful state of "Still Point." Let There Be Light!
- Cindy R.

I have a friend who introduced me to the laser in the summer of '09 following a knee injury. It was an emotional time in which I could not work or garden and basically get on with my life. The laser treatments helped me to relax into a place where I could leave my stress and go to a place of healing. Physically the pain in my knee was erased and I know that prior to the laser I would have perhaps had to endure surgery.
- Bev F.

My name is Martin and I have been involved with "energy medicine" for many years. I have had the pleasure of giving and sharing my gifts with those people who are open to another method to assist their bodies natural healing rather than relying only on mainstream medicine. There is a great need for both! In June 2009, I had surgery on my left knee for torn meniscus ligaments and arthritis damage. It really hurt BEFORE the surgery! After the surgery it only seemed to get WORSE. I have a demanding job, and walk a lot throughout the day. As more time passed, things did not improve! To get through the day or to sleep at night, it was common for me to take 21 milligrams of melatonin AND 100+150 milligrams of Demerol for the pain. In Jan. 2010, my wife and I attended a presentation on Lasers in Regina, Sask. A friend of ours had invited us, and I said to myself "Ya, ok" we will go. Good Decision! The day of the presentation, I had taken nothing for the pain, and during the session my left knee started to hurt. The pain level went from a 7 to a 12. Then it really started hurting to the point where the knee went completely numb. It hurt so badly; I had tears in my eyes and almost wanted to cut it off. Yes really that did go thru my mind. One of the organizers of the session let me use one of the demo lasers. After approximately 10+15 minutes, the pain level went down to an eight! (I was willing to keep the leg at that point) I had an opportunity to have a One-hour treatment session with another friend. Going into that session I was at 7-8 pain level. Upon leaving the session the level of pain was approximately four. In Feb. 2010, Gisele and I attended a session with Paul at the Regina Inn, and I used the laser and probes for a long period of time. Going into the weekend, my pain level was at 7-8. After using and working with them, the pain level went to a two! By using the lasers, my "stress" level from the pain, etc. has dropped a lot. My wife has noticed a HUGE difference in me. There is more I could share about my knee and the lasers, but enough is enough! Try the lasers. The only thing you may lose is the pain!!!
- Martin C.

I have had a problem with my hip for about three years. Massage therapists, chiros could not pinpoint where the pain was. I purchased the laser in November, and after using it for a few weeks, I do not have the pain anymore.
- Helen P.

My mother-in-law has a frozen shoulder as well as major arthritis. She has not really been able to use her arm. After her first session she felt pain free and was actually able to use her arm to help pull herself out of bed the next morning.
- George C.

I'm facing back surgery. Had laser treatment, decreased pain level by 70%. Bought a laser and plan to decrease the pain even more.
- Kathryn H.

Since using the laser my back pain, getting up 1 to 4 times per night to urinate, taking pain medicine to treat. The laser is the only thing that has helped me to do this in only 1 month. I am working on other things and am very confident the laser will also help me to do this. Thank you for this healing machine!
- Corey P.

Ever since I have started using the laser I have not had to take any pain relievers such as Motrin, Advil or even Tylenol. This is amazing since I could not sleep without taking something before bed.
- Joan M.

I purchase my laser at the end of Nov. 09. I made the decision to purchase my laser after seeing a dramatic change in my brother. He drives truck for a living and came home with his back all jammed. He had one session that lasted approximately 1.5 hours. Upon getting off the table, I saw that his color had change completely. I could see in the days after that session that not only was the pain reduced by 90%, his whole personality changed. He was happier and calmer.
- Laurie S.

I was in an automobile accident a few months ago and was prescribed medication for the inflammation and pain by a doctor. Of course, the medication gave me very bad side effects and was not effective. A friend loaned me her scaler wave laser for 2 days and I had such wonderful relief, that I had to order my own laser. I have used my laser everyday since I have received it, and I truly love my laser! Everyone should own one!
- Victoria M.

A 78-year -old friend of mine hurt her foot about 21 years ago. When it happened, her right foot ended up twisted backwards under her leg. This caused a major leg and groin injury as well. She was not able to feel her foot properly. It was numb and felt "leathery." After using the Scalar Wave Laser on her foot and the red probe on her leg, she experienced amazing pain relief. She exclaimed that she was going to tell everyone about the Scalar Wave Laser! Two weeks after I bought the laser I tore the meniscus in my knee and was in extreme pain and could not bend or put pressure on my knee. I used the laser on my knee every day. Within four days, my knee felt 85% better, and in one week, 90% better! After two weeks, the pain was 99% gone, and no longer required pain medication or surgery. I was amazed! Wow!
- Jane S.

>When she left, she was able to walk normally, without limping, and without any pain! She was very happy!
- Dr. Gail S.

I was in the Saskatoon meeting for the first Quantum introduction. I had tried the basic laser on knees that evening during the meeting. I had pain free knees for nearly two weeks. I had attending the Regina meeting Feb 5-7 and purchased our first laser and probe.
- Brian M.

Ten days ago I injured my lower back, pushing a car in a snowstorm. I continually two times daily used my laser. My back pain has disappeared.
- Barbara C.

I used the Quantum laser all day yesterday on my elbow which gives me pain when turning a doorknob or carrying things, moving in different situations I must admit it does feel very relieved today and is not as sore and inflamed as before using the laser.
- Shari S.

I have had numerous broken bones and initially bought the laser to use on my clients but it makes such a difference in my own feet that I use it daily on myself and am officially pain free!
- Jacqui A.

>A woman came to see me with severe pain and physical limitation. She is on disability from a career of journalism, has been unable to write, use the computer or travel for several years. After a one
-hour session, she was able to move her "frozen shoulder" for the first time in years. Her pain has improved from 8 out of 10 to a two. She has not used any pain medication since, and is now full of life after two weeks.
- Valentina K.

A young man age 32 is sent to emergency three times. He had chest paints, high blood pressure. He was in fear of having a heart attack. I used the laser on him, on unwind and quantum, and miracle. He was due to go in the hospital two days later to get stents put in his heart. When he met with his doctor two days later, it was determined by the doctor that he did not need any medical procedures.
- Eht -El T.

We received our laser and red probe last Monday. Upon sharing some info about scalar wave energy and waiting while my slow boil Swedish husband to consider it and purchase it for us. Although a skeptic after a 1.5 hr treatment as stated above, my husband had pain relief and more energy. He is now a convert and ambassador.
- Lief & Michelle J.

My son fell on his elbow. The Doctor's exam leads us to believe that surgery would be needed. The QWL w/ violet probe took 30 seconds to stop pain. Another two minutes apparently inspired his body to heal the injured nerve. He no longer complains about it.
- Kristy Moore H.

One night something went very wrong with my knee and really I could barely walk-forget about just limping. I went to bed, did the general protocol and then went to the worse area on the knee. Went to sleep and no problem walking when I awoke.
- Zoi H.

I broke my back, squished two vertebrae when I was thrown from a horse when I was 14. I have suffered great stiffness recently (50 years later). The laser has helped me greatly release tension in my lower back and I feel as if I can walk with more freedom, flexibility and pain the stiffness is almost now I'm dealing with emotional feelings that were stored in my back. I am looking forward to complete healing.
- Barbara G.

I have pain at lower back by twisting muscle. My friend did the cold laser about 20 minutes pain was gone. I fell from tree several feet high. I got the pain at my hip. I tried cold laser about 20 minutes twice. Pain was gone
- Masaji T.

My dentist was about to go in for shoulder surgery within two weeks. He is a cosmetic dentist on Park Avenue in NYC after one treatment he felt some relief. Since he was my dentist and was having trouble holding the dental tools, I lent him my laser for one week between appointments. I told him to use it three times a day for about 45 minutes each time after the week was finished, he canceled his surgery.
- Joan C.

In late June of 2009, I suffered a severe sprain of my left ankle and was told to expect to spend the next six weeks wearing the heavy, chunky boot to support the ankle. Beginning the next day, I placed the laser on the ankle (over the top of the boot at work). In two days, I could walk short distances without the boot. In three weeks, I no longer needed the boot at all, even walking on uneven surfaces. There has never been any residual discomfort in the ankle and it is as strong as it ever was!
- Jeane G.

Had severe headache that I needed a chiropractic treatment. After using the probe headache was gone and I didn't need chiro.
- Margaret W.

>One day I cut my finger. By the 3rd day it was throbbing from an infection. I was aware that Ozone acted as disinfectant so I plug in the Probe into the unit and held it on the cut for about 10 minutes. In about 1/2 hr the throbbing stopped and next day the cut was almost mended. By day 2 it was totally healed.
- P. W.

My personal experience with the laser was the relief of pain due to degeneration of a disk in my lower back. Initially, I felt pain and uncomfortable sensation. Today I am relatively pain-free. Thank you Scalar Wave Laser.
- Margaret G

About a month ago, I fell and injured my right arm/elbow. I dislocated my elbow and have a really black/blue bruise. My first reaction was to put ice on the area to help decrease the swelling. That hurt so I tried my laser. I put it in the area with the most swelling. In about four minutes, the pain started to subside. In ten minutes, the pain was completely gone. There was a very slight yellowing of the area. But the black and blue bruising was gone. The next morning when I tried to bend my arm, the muscle in the arm was relaxed, and the elbow slid back into place on its own. I am so thankful for my laser!
- Vertha P.

For years I have been suffering from chronic knee pain. In 4 minutes using the scalar wave laser and violet probe, my pain was gone.
- Bob S.

I came to my 1st demonstration of the laser with back pain neck pain and knee pain. After a few minutes of treatment, they were all gone. I had energy, a sense of balance and wellbeing!
- Jenny R.

As I left work one day, my right shoulder began hurting and by the time I arrived home, I could not open a door. I immediately started with the hand unit and red probe on the shoulder area. The next morning the pain was about 90% gone and my range of movement was restored within 24 hours.
- Kathy B.

I recently was on a road trip of about 2600 miles in a week. My back was in some pain and I could tell that it was locked up. I had done some stretching, which usually helps but hadn't this time. I used the Unwind setting with the laser and moments after, I got up from the table and my back popped, and it released and felt much better. Thank you.
- Mark B.

The very first day I received my laser, I happened to be visiting with a friend of mine who had broken his arm and sprained his wrist. He had his arm suspended and he had been taking medications for pain for over a month. He still had inflammation and the healing process was very slow. I tried on his arm & within about eight minutes, he felt such relief from the pain that he didn't need to take his medications for a few days. He now keeps begging me to use the laser for all sorts of problems.
- Meredith R.

I offered to loan the laser to a workshop attendee, who had been in a car accident several years ago and had little use of her right shoulder. I showed her how to turn it on and left her with it for the day. The next day, the mobility in her shoulder was GREATLY improved.
- Bonnie B.

Last week I was cooking and spilled hot oil on my right arm under the wrist area. I immediately placed the laser in the area and soon the pain was gone. There was no redness or blisters.
- Awilda L.

For years, I have had a severe back pain from a fall on my tailbone. After this injury I was unable to walk for a number of weeks. I crawled like a baby until the inflammation left. This happened 20 years ago. After doing the basic Unwind, Quantum, and Pleo for six months, I was without pain and now can walk and do yoga again. No pain, more energy. Life is now great. Thank you for a great TOOL.
- Jeanette S.

I used the laser on my lower back pain and shoulder pain. Guess what? No pain this morning. I look forward to years of use with your laser.
- Phil H.

I have had knee pain for a couple of years. After using the laser for a short time, my knee pain and discomfort have gone.
- T. Ross

I have had great results with using the laser on my arthritis. My fingers are very sore and swollen. After several months of using the laser, I have no more pain and my fingers aren't swollen and are getting back to normal size. I also had a trigger finger that would stick all the time-it doesn't anymore!
- Trishia B.